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All organisations operate in a world of uncertainties and imperfect knowledge about the future, yet despite all this, decisions still have to be made. With the dynamic environments in which most businesses operate, staying ahead of the competition is vital. This requires the ability to predict market trends, product innovations, regulatory changes and the responses of competitors to the changing landscape. Such forecasting ability is vital if one needs to reduce the probability of making incorrect decisions, some of which are often irreversible. A strong grounding in forecasting fundamentals and models, that ensure both timeliness and accuracy of forecasts at reasonable costs, is a must if one needs to stay ahead of the competition. A platform to acquire such skills has not existed in Africa until now.


The Africa Institute for Forecasting & Financial Analysis (AIFFA) is a non-profit organisation founded under Section 21 of the South African Companies Act. Read more

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The events organised by AIFFA are mainly public and in-house training workshops in forecasting, financial analysis and planning. Read more


Becoming a member of AIFFA carries with it a number of benefits. If you are  considering becoming a member you can find out more here.


Many times, forecasters struggle with a number of issues related to the technicalities of forecasting and without the benefit of training, forecasting may become a daunting task. Read more


Our research interests are in forecasting, financial analysis and planning, both theoretical and empirical. Read more

If you wish to partner with us or sponsor any of our events, please feel free to contact us. AIFFA can only achieve its goals through collaborating with organisations that share its visions and goals. Read more

Fax: 086 670 1868, Email: info@aiffa.org.za

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